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Metal roofing has been growing in popularity behind asphalt shingles and can last up to 70 years. Rhode Island Roofing Pros offers residential and commercial metal installation services. Types of metal roofing include standing seam metal, slate, aluminum, copper, zinc, and corrugated or smooth steel. Metal roofs come in various colors and several styles that can create a unique look for your home. Choose from metal roofing shingles, tiles, vertical panels, or shakes. Our metal roof contractors have experience working with every type and can help you make a decision.

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    Benefits of Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing offers many benefits, and our contractors have experience installing metal roofs. Metal roofing benefits include:

    • Very Long Lifespan: Some types of metal roofing can last up to 40-70 years.
    • Incredible Durability: Metal roofs have fire and impact resistance, and some types can withstand winds up to 140mph.
    • Rust-Proof: Metal roofing systems have coatings to prevent rust and add thickness to the metal. 
    • Eco-Friendly Roofing System: Metal roofing contains 25-95% recycled materials making these roofs the most earth-friendly. Also, you can recycle a metal roof at the end of its life, unlike most shingles. 
    • Save on Energy Costs: Metal roofs reflect sunlight and can cut energy costs by 10-25%. 

    Metal roofing installation costs more than asphalt shingles due to the materials. Metal roofing has one minor disadvantage. During a storm, rain falling on a metal roof will be noisy.

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    Metal Roof Installation Services

    Rhode Island Roofing Pros will work with you and help you choose the best type of metal and style. Metal roof materials have coatings to make them rust-proof and thick. Metal roof materials have various types. Choose from seam metal, slate, aluminum, copper, zinc, corrugated, or smooth steel roofing. Metal roofing also comes in multiple colors and styles, which creates a unique look. Metal roofing styles include shingles, tiles, vertical panels, or shakes.

    Our metal roofing company offers competitive pricing. Our metal roof contractors will discuss costs, styles, looks, and warranties with you. After you determine the best metal roof for your home or business, we will begin installation! We have licensed and insured metal roofing contractors. Rhode Island Roofing Pros promises a worry-free experience. Serving Rhode Island, we offer commercial and residential metal roof installation services. Our metal roofers work on existing or new buildings, including homes and garages.

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    Metal Roofing Repairs and Replacements

    Parts of existing metal roofing may deteriorate due to weather or age. Our company offers metal roofing repair and replacement services across Rhode Island. To help preserve your metal roof, we recommend bi-annual or yearly inspections. Our contractors can inspect and maintain metal roofs, which will prevent significant problems. Applying a rust-resistant coating to the metal roof can save money on costly repairs or replacements.

    Poor design or installation of metal roofing can also lead to many problems. After installation of the metal roof, it will go unnoticeable at first. Metal seams attached to roof panels may separate and cause water leaks in your home or business. Weather also plays a role in metal roofing repairs and replacements. Temperature causes metal roof panels to expand and contract and may leave an opening. Fasteners connecting the metal roof can loosen from wind or freezing conditions. Rhode Island Roofing Pros can assess and repair these issues.

    Oxidation or rust build-up on metal roofs poses a more challenging problem. Rust wears away the metal roof coating. When your metal roof begins to oxidize, this makes repair difficult. If our contractors cannot repair your metal roof, a replacement will be the next option. Scheduling routine maintenance for your metal roof helps prevent significant problems. Checking your metal roof twice a year will prevent irreparable damage.

    For any metal roofing repairs or replacements you need in RI, contact us today! Call us or get a free estimate by filling out the online form.