Roof Installation Rhode Island

​Rhode Island Roofing Pros offers a variety of roofing services, so the home of your dreams is a reality. These services include standard installation services, residential roofing installation, new roof installation, and installing asphalt shingles.

Each job that Rhode Island Roofing Pros takes on focuses on quality and safety. Ensuring that staff work with keen attention to detail and diligence on keeping a safe environment, top-quality work is guaranteed every time. ​

New Roof Installation Specialists of RI

Unfortunately, most of the time roofing installation is not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn't seem all that easy. Almost every roof installation service will require removal of the old roof. The existing roof removal will impact the cost of roofing your home or business.

Although some people opt to layer roofing to save time, it can add unnecessary layers that will likely lead to long-term damage and even roof collapse.

After removal of the old roof,  one of the technicians at Rhode Island Roofing Pros will evaluate the sheathing to ensure that structural integrity of the roof’s base. Additionally, given the Rhode Island weather conditions, the technician will install a water and ice barrier. The barrier will sit along the edges of the roof, but technically underneath the roofing materials.

Finally, the Rhode Island Roofing Pros team will install the underlayment or ridge cap and roofing material of your choice. The underlayment is usually a material that sits underneath shingles or other roofing material and prevents long-term damage.

Call Rhode Island Roofing Pros for your next roof installation, where we will guarantee top-quality results by using a proven installation strategy. This strategy has helped many businesses and homeowners safeguard their property against the harsh New England weather. Any property owner must hire the best as a new roof, or a roof replacement can severely impact the structural integrity and safety of any building. ​

Residential Roof Installation

Rhode Island experiences a wide range of weather conditions, and your home's roof is it's the best defense against some of the harsh storms. Residential roofing must provide structural support, weather-proofing, and more.

When we work with residential projects, we go to great lengths to create a safe environment. While working with some of the top-equipment available, and a well-trained staff, Rhode Island Roofing Pros works efficiently and safely.

For residences, we always install ice and water barriers as well as a felt paper under shingles to protect the base of the roof and prevent damage. Whenever it's necessary, we install flashings and change out any old pipe vent boots. The Rhode Island Roofing Pros may make additional recommendations on installations such as ridge vents, as they see fit for your home.

On top of our top-quality service, and thorough installation process, we guarantee a clean environment after the job is done. Rhode Island Roofing Pros doesn’t want to leave a mess anywhere near your home. Clean-up is part of every residential roof installation service, and it includes removing all trash, discarded materials, and supplies from around your house. ​If you're looking up "roof installation near me" on your smartphone, give us a call first! 

New Roof Installers

Adding an extension, or building a new home? New roof installation will have a huge impact on the structural safety of your home, as well as the aesthetic. You might be surprised to learn how many people will likely see your roof daily, not to mention you'll have to look at it too!

When Rhode Island Roofing Pros installs a new roof, there is a hyper-focus on safety, where the structural security of the home and the safety of those on the job site is always put first.

Always call a roofing contractor for construction on a new roof. Installation and replacement are very different and although some handy homeowners feel comfortable replacing a few shingles here or there, installing a new roof is a completely different project.​

Roof installation in Rhode Island is easy with Rhode Island Roofing Pros. Servicing additions, extensions, and new homes for years, a new roof installation is no problem for our expert and experienced roof installers. 

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installation Contractors in RI

A roofing contractor will always be able to offer you advice on the best roofing materials. However, most homeowners already know that they want shingle roofing. It's not surprising that shingle roofing is among the most popular roofing material in use today. However, you might be surprised by how difficult and time-consuming it is to install, requiring expert installers to do the job. So make sure you trust your roofing installation job to the Pros. 

Rhode Island Roofing Pros will have a technician guide you through the process of finding the best asphalt shingle roofing option for you and then work with a team to complete the job promptly. The cost to replace a roof varies greatly based on the roofing material that you want.

One of the many reasons why asphalt shingle roofing is so popular is because of how affordable the materials are, and how easy they are to handle. Teams can work with the materials quickly and clean the job site easily as well. ​

Best Local Roofing Contractors in RI for Roof Installation

From metal roofing to shingles and everything in between, call Rhode Island Roofing Pros for your next roof installation. Our teams work in residential and commercial capacities, helping homeowners, property managers, building managers, and construction crews during new home building as well.

As the best local roofing company, Rhode Island Roofing Pros has founded a reputation on safe, efficient and high-quality roofing work. Teams that work with a focus on safety and quality and always leave a job site clean!

Call Rhode Island Roofing Pros, and a professional roofing contractor will help you choose the materials that are right for your roof, and right for the weather in Rhode Island. New England weather can wreak havoc on roofing throughout a few short years. Contact a professional roofing contractor to learn more about how to prepare for harsh weather and protect your home or business with a new roof installation. ​

Residential Roofing Installers

As a residential property owner, knowing you can trust your roof to a professional roofing contractor in Rhode Island means you can devote time doing what you love.  Whether spending time with your family or focusing more on your work and home life, you can enjoy it all with the peace of mind your roofing needs are handled. We have worked with homeowners all across New England and the beautiful state of Rhode Island, on all types of houses.  We focus primarily on asphalt roofing, which is one of the most common types of roofs for residential structures.  Asphalt roofing has come a long way since it's first development, and the types of roofing we install today is highly durable, efficient and made to withstand the harsh New England environment. 

Our crews are highly trained to work thoroughly and quickly, not cutting any corners, but making sure that the job is completed in a timely manner so as not to interfere with our homeowners schedules.  As a larger company with multiple crews, we are able to take on many jobs and are often able to complete new replacement roofs within a week of scheduling. 

If  you are curious about the cost to replace your home's roof, please take a moment to fill out the contact form above, or give us a call and we will be more than happy to come and evaluate your roof for free, no obligations.  The cost of roof replacement can be a big concern, and we always take the time to ensure that our rates are competitive and well priced for the value that a new roof brings to your house. ​