Roof Repair Service, RI

Your Rhode Island Roofing Pros offer a variety of repair services including fixing minor issues to major projects such as stripping in the seams. Our roofing contractors are the solution to prevent damage, prepare your home or business for harsh weather conditions and stopping leaks.

Rhode Island Roofing Pros provides the repair service that you need, but first, a specialist will come out to inspect the roof to ensure that you only schedule the necessary repairs. A professional roofing contractor will explain the state of your roof, the recommended repairs, and what process will work best for your home. Looking up "roof repair near me"? Give us a call for a speedy quote!​

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    Roof Repair Cranston RI

    The RI Roof Repair Specialists

    If you’re looking to call a local roofing contractor in Cranston RI and surrounding towns, then you already have enough stress to handle. Rhode Island Roofing Pros takes care of roofing repairs, providing a stress-free experience for every customer.

    Through closely monitored project management, the teams at Rhode Island Roofing Pros comprise a strategy for every project to best fit the needs of the home and the schedule of the homeowner.

    Additionally, the teams understand that working with property managers for repairing business roofing is usually on a tight schedule. This level of awareness and consideration for property and homeowners is what sets Rhode Island Roofing Pros apart from the competition. Often times what seems like a simple roof repair can uncover bigger issues and might call for roof replacement. We will consult you on the best possible course of action for your roof. We offer repairs as well as replacements for all types of roofing. 

    Roof Leak Repairs

    A leaking roof is an immediate concern and requires immediate intervention. Contact a roofing contractor right away for a leaking roof. It’s likely that simple repairs are an option, so you don’t have to stress about finding out the cost of replacing or installing a new roof.

    When your home or business leaks, it's not just the roof that is at risk. It's the structural integrity of the building. Contact Rhode Island Roofing Pros right away!

    Get A Free Roof Inspection

    At Rhode Island Roofing Pros, our roof inspections are always free and more often than not, uncover more than just the original issue. That is because roof damage is difficult to detect at the ground level and without an expert eye. Our RI roofing contractors look for wear and damage that threatens your property and know what to look for that qualifies you for roof replacement. If determined the damaged was caused by something other than normal wear and tear, we will suggest you file a roof damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance. 

    When you need a roof leak examined, roofing shingles replaced, or brand new roof installation, as well as additional features to complete your roof such as trim, fascia and gutters, you have come to the right place.

    At Rhode Island Roofing Pros, our licensed and insured contractors work hard to ensure the structural integrity of your residential roof. We hope to hear from you soon for your free roof inspection! Just Click to Call TODAY for a FREE ESTIMATE;

    Shingle Replacements

    Few other places throughout the United States see the extreme winds, and weather conditions that Rhode Island experiences every year. It's no surprise that homeowners every year call for shingle replacement. The cost of shingle replacement is affordable for nearly any homeowner and more affordable than the possible repairs necessary if the home was left without these shingles.

    Contact Rhode Island Roofing Pros in a timely manner to have your shingles replaced sooner, rather than later. From leak repairs to shingle replacements, Rhode Island Roofing Pros provides the service you need. Call today for an inspection before you schedule repairs!